Wood is one of the nature's finest and most versatile renewable materials. Trees take care of us by taking carbon and releasing oxygen into the air. At the same time they help preventing global warming.

Lovi products use only 100% Finnish wood, from sertified Finnish forests, which are re-planted after felling. Today northern forest are growing at a faster rate than they are felled.

We hope that one day the same will be true all around the world. To help make this happen we donate part of our income to re-planting schemes in areas of the world affected by drought, erosion and floods. The planting is done in cooperation with local people, always taking local circumstances and tree species into consideration.

Since 2009 we have planted 50,000 trees, approx. 5,000 trees per year. The trees are planted in co-operation with Finn Church Aid.

More information: Finn Church Aid