Lovi Puffins 10cm, black mix, wooden puffin figures on books


The wooden puffin, our novelty for Spring 2024, is a lovely addition to Lovi’s sealife selection. Nesting in enormous colonies along the bird cliffs and islands in the Atlantic and Atlantic Ocean, the puffin charms the viewers with its sympathetic presence and colourful details.


The Lovi Puffin is available in two sizes and colors. The smaller Lovi Puffin is 10cm tall, while the bigger is 20cm. We have two color variations, black mix and dark blue mix. The black puffin includes bright orange in the details, while the dark blue bird has maritime highlights in bright red.

Wooden puffins on books, Lovi Puffins, color black mix, sizes 10cm and 20cm
Lovi Puffins 10cm and 20cm on the pile of books.

Like other Lovi products, this wooden puffin is delivered in a flat carboard packaging that includes everything needed to assemble the product. The measures for the smaller puffin’s package are 31x20x0.3cm with the weight of 85g, while the larger puffin is delivered in a 24.5x34x0.8cm package that weights 460g. Both sizes can be effortlessly sent as letter mail when necessary.

Flat cardboard packages of Lovi Puffin
Lovi Puffins packages.


A great deal of preparation, working on the concept and idea, and trials precede the publication of a new product. What size should the product be? Should we have several size options? Which color variations should we include in the selection? What kinds of details work with both the final appearance of the product and during the varied phases of production?  

Lovi Puffin 20cm black mix and blue mix standing on the pile of books
Color variations of Lovi Puffins.

Designing a new product, especially in the case of very detailed characters like the puffin, often introduces the need to develop new ways of adding the characteristic presence and shape of ‘the muse’ to the finalised figure. Although the shape of the new figure is always built around the Lovi joint, there are several ways to start constructing the form of the figure. In puffin’s case, details like these include the shape of the beak, combining the coloured parts to the glue-free structure, and the bird’s lovely, webbed feet. 


Details are the crowning element of our creations, making them fascinating and impressive. In the case of the Lovi Puffin, the combination of classic black and wooden tones is complemented by the orange details of the beak and feet, while the details on the dark blue puffin are expressed in bright red tones.

In addition to the brightly coloured beak and lovely webbed feet, the eye-catching eyes are one of puffin’s characteristics. Two half-moon shaped black eyes are attached to the light-toned head of the Lovi Puffin, adding the finishing touches to this figure.

Details of Wooden Lovi Puffin, colorful beak and webbed feet
Orange details of Lovi Puffin 20cm, black mix.

The design process of the Lovi puffin along with all its details was a fascinating project, which prompted us to create a separate blog post. Stay tuned for that!


As it is with all our creations, the Lovi joint is at the core of the Lovi Puffin. The parts are joined together with the same principle. However, the parts of the body are attached from two directions.

Start the assembly by detaching the parts from the sheets and organising them according to the instructions. There are numerous parts, so pay attention to the differences in joint sections and be precise with the order. Remember to check that the parts fall symmetrically in place on both sides of the vertical line.

Organized pieces of Lovi Puffin 10cm
Assembling tips of wooden puffin figure, Lovi Puffin 10cm
Lovi Puffin shown from below

If you need help with the assembly of Lovi Puffin, we have an assembly video available for you on our YouTube channel, Lovi Finland. Happy assembly!