Wooden Lovi products, Cherry Tree, Decor Flower and Heart


Sometimes it’s important to remind our loved ones about how much we care about them and thank them for the friendship they’ve bestowed upon us, and there’s no better day to do it than Valentine’s Day! The gift itself doesn’t have to be anything grandiose. A small package and a warm hug is more than enough to remind us of the importance of friendship. 

While the American version of Valentine’s Day is all about cherishing romantic love, we in Finland also like to remember our friends besides our loved ones. To help you choose, we’ve gathered the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts from Lovi’s selection.

Lovi Heart

The small Lovi Heart is a traditional Valentine’s Day gift which comes with the most important message for the day: You are important to me, and I love you! Lovi Heart also makes for a great gift to someone you have a crush on. To double the joy, add a box of your friends favorite chocolate or some delicious tea which they can savor while putting the heart together.

Wooden Lovi Heart is a lovely Valentine's Day gift for the loved one or a dear friend.
Lovi Hearts are easy to send.

Don’t forget our Valentine’s Day bundles on the online store! You can now get six small Lovi Hearts for only 39,90€ (normally 47,40€) or six large Lovi Hearts for only 59,50€ (normally 71,40€). Please note that the price may change slightly, depending on the taxation of your country.

Lovi Decor Flower

Substitute the traditional Valentine’s Day bouquet with a forever-blooming Lovi Decor Flower. In addition to a beautiful decorative piece, your friend will receive a relaxing moment of craftmanship while assembling the flower. Since there are plenty of colors and size options to choose from, we’re certain you’re going to find just the right one for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Wooden Lovi Decor Flowers mounted on the wall and placed on the side table
Choose Lovi Decor Flower from eight color options and four sizes.

Are you unsure about your friend’s favorite color? In that case, tell them it’s possible to swap the color as long as the package hasn’t been opened.  

Lovi Tree

Lovi Trees of all shapes and sizes make for a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for a friend or spouse who enjoys interior design. Add in a few Lovi Birds or Lovi Swallows or keep them in mind as a gift idea for an upcoming birthday or some other special day.

The blossoming Lovi Cherry Tree with its pink flowers is a spring-like beauty. Our selection also contains small Season Trees with color options appropriate for each season.

We’ve combined the Lovi Tree 55cm and three small Lovi Hearts (4,5cm) into a Valentine’s Day bundle on our webstore. The bundle is priced at 119,00€ (normally 142,70€). Go check out the offer!

Moomin by Lovi

The theme of friendship is very often present in the Moomin stories written by Tove Jansson. Does your friend remind you more of the feisty Little My or the beauty-loving Snorkmaiden? Does your loved one perhaps share some traits with Snufkin, the serene ponderer of Moomin Valley? Lovi’s Moomin figurines make for a sweet Valentine’s Day gift for a Moomin lover and other fans of Tove Jansson alike.

Lovi hobby crafts set

Does your friend or spouse love handicrafts? Surprise them with our hobby crafts set! Gift a moment of creativity by choosing a natural wood Lovi product from our catalogue and Lovi watercolors. You can find all the natural wood Lovi figurines and watercolors from the Paint yourself category.

Wooden Miffy and Balloon by Lovi standing on the book. Paint yourself figures are creative Valentine's Day gifts.
Miffy and Balloon by Lovi or some other natural wood Lovi figure delights a friend on Valentine’s Day.

Lovi gift card

When you’re unsure when it comes to choosing a product, you can never go wrong with a Lovi online store gift card! This provides your friend with a chance to pick their personal favorite among over 50 Lovi products.

Lovi Gift Card is the sure choice for Valentine’s Day gift.

Did our tips help you find the right gift for your friend? If not, go check out what other products are available in our store! Our selection includes charming dog figurines, cute forest critters as well as summery sea creatures, among many others.

All Lovi products come in easy-to-send, flat cardboard packaging, enabling you to mail your gift in case you’re unable to hand it out yourself. We can also send the gift on your behalf to the recipient’s home address.

Have a nice winter! Let’s remember our friends each and every day, but especially on Valentine’s Day!