Lovi Heart is a lovely Valentine's Day card/gift

Valentine’s Day Card Carries Drops of Love

The lines of an envelope written in such a familiar handwriting. The name of your city on the stamp. Inside the envelope a pinch of longing, an armful of joy, the boundless love. Valentine’s Day card from you to me. From friend to friend. From love to love.

Although the sending of letter mail will decrease, the meaning of the Valentine’s Day card will remain. When there is always less and less anything special and gratifying filling your mailbox, sending, and receiving a traditional postcard is even more valuable.


The tradition of sending a Valentine’s Day card is long. Greetings have been scratched on the card for centuries. Greetings and wishes, direct or secret confessions of love have traveled across the world on the backs of the cards for a long time. Thinking about the number of romantic thoughts and kind words that all those cards carry warm my heart. Sending a card is ultimately very easy, but yet so beautiful way to remind about friendship and love.

Stories tell that the first so-called Valentine’s Day cards would have been received by St. Valentine, a Roman saint who lived in the 3rd century and was imprisoned for joining young soldiers in holy matrimony. The happy, newlywed young couples sent their thanks to the dungeon of Valentinus. February 14th, the day when St. Valentine experienced martyrdom was later named Valentine’s Day, Friend’s Day as we call it in Finland.

The actual Valentine’s Day card tradition originated in England in the early 19th century, from where it spread to America at the end of the same century. In America, Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest holidays of the year and a huge number of Valentine’s Day cards are sent out. In Finland, however, the celebration is relatively new. Its celebration began in the 1980s but Valentine’s Day did not become an official holiday until 1996.


In Finland, Valentine’s Day is more like a celebration of friendship than the exclusive right of lovers. Of course, the actual romantic love is also flourishing, but we also want to remember our other loved ones.

What if this year, instead of just a Valentine’s Day card, you would send a small gift, a lasting memory of you and your friendship or love? When you choose the Lovi product as your Valentine’s Day card, you are sending nice crafts and the joy of insight at the same time.


Heart is a traditional symbol of love and Valentine’s Day. This traditional shape can be found in Lovi’s selection in three different shades of red and two sizes. Sending a Lovi Heart is no different from sending a traditional postcard: you write your message and the address of the recipient on the envelope, attach the stamps, and drop the envelope to the nearest mailbox. The recipient will surely fall in love! Or let us take care of shipping for you. Just add the recipient’s address and your message to the order and we’ll send the gift directly to the recipient.

The Valentine’s Day card doesn’t have to be pink and fluffy. What does your friend like? Dogs? Cats? Decorating? There is something for everyone in Lovi’s selection. Get to know our selection and find a suitable gift for your friend. Please have a look at our selection. We guarantee that you will find a suitable gift for your friend.

Sending a Valentine’s Day card is the consideration of the recipient. So, remember your friends, relatives, grandmothers, grandfathers, and neighbors. Those you share your daily life with. No one is too young or old to get a nice surprise. Valentine’s Day is also the perfect opportunity to connect with an old friend you often think of but who has had little contact. Or would you send an anonymous card to the One you secretly admire? How romantic!