Wooden Wall Flower, Lovi Decor Flower, natural wood


Wooden wall flower, Lovi Decor Flower is  the novelty of spring 2023! This wooden wall flower is brimming with natural freshness, the joy of blooming nature, and flourishing abundance. The beautiful petals, attached layer by layer, make for an ample and interesting product.


Joining the Lovi Decor Star released in autumn 2022, Lovi Decor Flower is a continuation to our series of wooden wall art. These wooden wall flowers are also designed to be used as table decorations, and making a great addition to a table setting.

Lovi products often draw inspiration from nature, with the Finnish birch plywood used in their construction setting the ground rules for the design process. Before the first sketches even see the light of day, the product has already been brewing in Anne’s mind for a long time. The sketching process is a combination of creativity and technical problem solving. 

The sketches of Lovi Decor Flower, wooden wall flower
Lovi Wall Flower was sketched with a 3D design software

The Lovi Decor Flower was inspired by the basic shape of a flower. As is typical for Lovi products, the flower’s basic structure is formed by pieces laid across one another. The frame of the flower forms the base where the petals are attached to, creating the final, flower-like composition.


Lovi Decor Flower comes in four sizes – 15cm, 24cm, 34cm and 48cm. Pick one to decorate your home or mix and match several size options. The details of the flower remain the same between all the size options, with only the size of the parts changing.

The smallest wooden wall flowers measure at 15cm and 24cm in diameter. The lightweight petals beautifully encircle the middle part of the flower. These sweet flowers make both a great decorative addition to a household and an easy-to-send gift to a friend. They go well as wall decoration, gathered on a table or as part of a table setting.

Two smallest Lovi Decor flowers, 15cm and 24cm
Lovi Decor Flowers 15cm and 24cm

Lovi Decor Flower 34cm is a showier version of its predecessors, spreading its petals wider apart. The largest flower in the series, the 48cm version, makes for an abundant, luxurious wall decor piece. The large-sized petals layer themselves beautifully on top of one another around the middle part of the flower.

Two biggest Lovi Decor Flowers, 34cm and 48cm
Lovi Decor Flowers 34cm and 48cm

All the four size options can be used for decorative purposes either separately or mixed with one another. The smallest three size options come in a package that fits into a mailbox, making it easy to send one as a gift to a friend.


This spring is all about the abundance of color. Since our wooden wall flower comes in eight different color options, you’re bound to find a favourite of your own!

Colors of Lovi Decor Flowers: translucent white, natural wood, flax blue and lavender blue
Lovi Decor Flowers in colors translucent white, natural wood, flax blue and lavender blue

The color options are: natural wood, translucent white, flax blue, lavender blue, light pink, dark red, honey yellow and cinnamon brown, with flax blue and honey yellow representing this spring’s novelty colors. Out of the two blue hues on Lovi Decor Flower, linen blue is the lighter one, drawing its inspiration from blue linen flowers.

Colors of Lovi Decor Flower: light pink, dark red, honey yellow, cinnamon brown
Lovi Decor Flowers in colors light pink, dark red, honey yellow and cinnamon brown

Decorate your home with Lovi Decor Flowers of your favorite color or mix and match different colors together! You can also paint the natural wood flower yourself if you wish.


Assembling the Lovi Decor Flower is easy with the help of the illustrated instruction included in the package. Begin by separating the parts from their frames. After that, assemble the middle part of the flower. Then start attaching the petals, beginning with the largest ones and using smaller and smaller petals as you work your way towards the centre. Fasten the petals firmly to their place.

Assembling the wooden wall flower, Lovi Decor Flower 48cm, natural wood
Assembling Lovi Decor Flower

Attach the wall hook at the back of the flower and mount it on the wall. Choose an appropriate hook, screw or nail depending on the material of your wall. While light in weight, it’s still important to fasten the wallflower properly to prevent it from falling off.

The wall hook of Lovi Decor Flower
Wooden wall flower is easy to suspend with the wall hook


Lovi Decor Flower brings natural vibe to your home, freshening up the atmosphere without the need to renovate, paint or decorate the walls.  

The thin, Finnish birch plywood accentuates the soft, lightweight design of the wooden wall flower. Wood’s natural tendency to change its hue and shape over time brings each Lovi Decor Flower to life and makes them more individualised.

Lovi Decor Flowers on the wall. Three different sizes of wooden wall flowers: 24cm, 36cm and 48cm
Natural decoration with different sized Lovi Decor Flowers

Allow the light to play on the petals, letting the shadows add to the shapes of the flower. Enjoy the beautiful design. Surround yourself with natural beauty, authentic materials and natural shapes.

Read more and order your favorite from the Lovi Decor Flower product page!