Lovi Hedgehogs, wooden decoration


“There´s a quiet sniffle, the leaves rustle, something brown flashes in the corner of your eye. The hedgehog arrives and toddles along the wall, observing. Seeking, sniffing, exploring. Frightened by the surprising sound, it curls up into a ball and raises its spikes. Don’t you dare to get any closer. It soon sheds the fear from its back and continues its journey. There is so much to see.”

Sometimes the wishes of customers eventually become part of Lovi’s selection. This was the case with the Lovi Hedgehog, the spring novelty 2022. Finally it was the time for this little vagabond of twilight to be made into a final product.

“Finishing the hedgehog took time, even though the basic idea was very finished. I had wondered what was essential for the essence of the hedgehogs. I end up using the folding center line as the structure of the Lovi Hedgehog. It makes a characteristic posture of a hedgehog – the tapered snout sniffles low as the rear bevels the ground. There is absolutely no kind of pride. Both ends point towards the earthy, wormy soil.”

Anne Paso

Sketches of the structure of Lovi Hedgehog. spring novelty 2022.
Steps towards the final structure of Lovi Hedgehog.

Designing a new product is different every time. Sometimes the idea progresses to a finished product very quickly, sometimes maturing takes more time. What kind of figure fits into the Lovi’s range? What should the new product look like to fit Lovi’s overall look? How does the shape of the figure grow around the Lovi joint?

Cardboard prototypes of Lovi Hedgehog
Testing the structure.

The standardized product sizes of Lovi figures provide a good framework for designing new products. What size of product will be designed? How many sizes are put into production?

Prototypes of Lovi Hedgehog, little wooden decoration.
Finishing the details.

Our own factory and production line allow for rapid progress once the plan is complete. Prototyping and testing is easy and quick, and any improvements are effortless. Experimenting with color schemes and adjusting colors is easy.

Lovi Hedgehog, wooden decoration, color brown. The spring novelty 2022.
The final Lovi Hedgehog.

The hedgehog patters naturally into Lovi’s wildlife selection; among bears, rabbits, birds, and other wooden animal friends. Read more about sizes and color options of Lovi Hedgehog, the spring novelty 2022.