Lovi Decor Stars 15cm on table, all four colors, honey yellow, cinnamon brown, natural wood, translucent white


While our customers were charmed by the design of the Lovi Decor Star last autumn, many of them wished for a smaller version that could be hung on a tree branch while retaining the original, elegant design.

Wooden star, Lovi Decor Star 15cm, color cinnamon brown
Lovi Decor Star 15cm, the new size of the Lovi Star selection.

This autumn we’re adding a new size option to our selection of Decor Stars with a 15cm version which makes for a wonderful addition to the already existing lineup. Now there are a total of four size options for you to choose from – 15cm, 24cm, 36cm and 48cm. This small, wooden star requires assembly and retains the same structure as its larger counterparts while expanding the scope of usage due to its small size.


The structure of the Lovi Decor Star 15cm is based on the same tried and true Lovi joint as its predecessors, and its design features the same elements as the larger Decor Stars. The leafy star shape takes form piece by piece, making the end result copious and intriguing.

Lovi Decor Star 15cm, natural wood, wooden star decoration.
The leafy structure of Lovi Decor Star can also be seen in the new size.

The package contains illustrated instructions for assembly. Start by detaching the parts from the sheet and by building the middle part of the star first. Next, attach the points of the star. If you plan on hanging the star using the wall hook or wire, put the middle part of the star in place before adding the points.  


Lovi Decor Star 15cm is a wooden star-shaped ornament which can be mounted on the wall or window or hung from the roof.  Alternatively, you can also hang it from the branch of a Christmas tree or put it on top of one. You can always gift one to a friend as well.

Lovi Decor Stars 15cm hanging on the evergreen branches.
Lovi Decor Stars 15cm hanging on the evergreen branches.

The wall hook behind the Decor Star makes it easy to mount it on the wall. Choose an appropriate hook, screw or nail depending on the material of your wall. If you wish to use the star as a window decoration or hang it from the roof, thread the long wire through the groove of the wall hook.

Use the shorter wire for hanging the star on a tree branch. In this case you can thread the wire either through the groove of the wall hook or through the points of the star. Instructions for different hanging methods can be found in the package. Mounting the Lovi Decor Star on top of a Christmas tree is an easy task with wire.


The Lovi Decor Stars released a year ago – 24cm, 36cm and 48cm – are available in three color options – cinnamon brown, natural wood and translucent white. The newest entry to our Decor Star lineup, the 15cm version, also comes in honey yellow.

Lovi Decor Star 15cm, wooden decorative star, color honey yellow
Lovi Decor Star 15cm in honey yellow.

Honey yellow is a mellow hue reminiscent of the straw decorations of yore, making it a great addition to the branches of natural wood or painted Lovi Spruces and natural spruces alike. It also goes well with other, differently colored Decor Stars.


Since the beginning, the guiding principle behind Lovi products and their design has been the idea of making them easy to send and remembering our loved ones with small gifts. Shipping the flat packages our products come in is as easy as it gets. Lovi Decor Star 15cm is also packed in a flat, conveniently sized product package. The other side of the package contains address columns so that you don’t necessarily have to wrap up the package separately. You can of course do so if you wish, though, using either some nice gift-wrapping paper or a C4-sized envelope. 

Lovi Decor Star 15cm, package

The wooden star is a traditional ornament that stands the test of time and always finds its place in the decoration of a Christmas home. The beautiful design, mellow hues and an ample 12-point structure make up for an enchanting decorative piece with a host of possible usage scenarios. Whether by itself or in conjunction with its differently sized counterparts, The Lovi Decor Star 15cm brings the spirit of Christmas to your home.

All four Lovi Decor Star sizes, 15cm on table, 24cm, 36cm and 48cm on the wall, colors honey yellow, cinnamon brown, natural wood and translucent white
All four sizes and colors of Lovi Decor Star.

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