Lovi Decor Stars, wooden decoration stars on table, assemble yourself


Lovi Decor Star is Lovi novelty for the autumn of 2022.

The points portray the traditional shape of stars without losing the familiar and distinguishable Lovi touch. Put the pieces together one by one. Each piece will find their own place. Enjoy the experience. Let the wooden pieces slide together and allow the form to take shape in peace.

The new Lovi color, cinnamon on wooden Lovi Decor Star 24cm.
Lovi Decor Star is Lovi autumn novelty 2022.


As it often is with designing a new product, there are countless changes, improvements and final touches made after the basic design has already been confirmed. What kinds of shapes are fit for cutting? How does the shape of the pieces impact removal from the sheet? Where should the small anchor points holding the pieces together go? Anne has designed Lovi products for over 16 years already, and yet the design process for each product is a new and unique, both fascinating and sufficiently challenging journey.  

Lovi Decor Star sketches.

The structure of Lovi Decor Star offers a playground for light and shadow. The presence of the star changes with the direction and amount of available light. The small nick resembling a tiny snowflake formed in the middle of the product is a new, delightful detail. As star hangs against a window, natural light seeps into the room through this small detail.


Our new product needed color outside of our current selection. Something familiar, calm, and cosy. Something that had tones of autumn, but still takes us one step at a time towards the festivities of the remaining year. Something that supports the shape of Lovi Decor Star without taking the spotlight from the star’s beautiful structure.

New Lovi color, cinnamon fits perfectly on Lovi Decor Star.

So, we started testing. We combined tones together. We added and reduced. We mixed in a drop of water just to conclude that we desired more pigment. Mixing colours, especially entirely new tones, is science of its own. Slowly but surely through tries and attempts, the desired tone began to spread out on the surface of the star. Cinnamon, the newcomer to Lovi selection, was born; something cosy and warm, traditional, and soft. After spreading over the porous surface of plywood, the tone formed a gentle matt finish. Just the right addition to the natural wood and translucent white stars.


New star comes in three sizes, which means three new packages for our selection. The packages L+, XL, and MAXI continue the familiar style of our flat Lovi cardboard packages. Lovi Decor Star 24cm (L+) and Lovi Decor Star 36cm (XL) can be sent out in a letter format, making the sending process easy when you wish to brighten your friend’s day with gifts. Just remember to add enough stamps to the envelope. Lovi Decor Star 48cm (MAXI) will be shipped out as a small parcel. 


The 24 pieces of Lovi Decor Star are easy to connect with the help of illustrated instructions included in the package. During the assembly phase, you will choose the intended use for the star.

Mount Lovi Decor Star on the wall or hang infront of a window?

If you wish to display the star on a wall, slip the suspension piece in place before combining the smaller pieces of points together. If you wish to suspend the star to a window, the suspension thread should be slipped in place before setting the smaller pieces. The suspension piece and cotton thread are included in the package.

Wooden Lovi Decor Star 48cm mounted on the wall. Color white.
Lovi Decor Star 48cm, white on the wall.


Autumn gives us the permission to calm down. It is time to focus on our homes and loved ones around us. It is time to wrap ourselves in blankets and direct our eyes near us – how does my home look like? What kind of a nest I wish to build for myself?

Wooden Lovi Decor Stars 24cm and 48cm with Lovi Spruces, Elves, Bear and Hedgehog.
The decoration of the autumn home is plentiful and cozy.

Lovi Decor Star creates a natural atmosphere to autumn homes. The tones of cinnamon mix together with the abundant and tranquil color palette of autumn foliage. The light, natural wood star enchants with its natural tones, while the translucent white version reminds us about the biting autumn mornings that soon turn to frost.

Share your thoughts and opinions about our autumn novelty with us! You can find more images and information on the new star and autumn atmosphere at Lovi on Instagram (@lovi_finland) and on Facebook (@LoviFinland). Have a lovely rest of the autumn! Let’s enjoy nature and the unbelievable color brilliance it offers!