Easter handicrafts with children is the best way to prepare for the big spring celebration. Once handicraft supplies are brought out, children’s creativity and imagination are unleashed, resulting in the sweetest and most original decorations, which are put on display year after year.

Lovi Eggs and watercolors for Easter handicrafts with children,
Lovi Eggs 4.5cm ready to be painted.

A year ago, me and my then four-year-old daughter were preparing for the upcoming Easter by spending an entire day together, painting and assembling Lovi Eggs. While this day provided us with an opportunity to craft some beautiful decorations for our home, it was also a moment spent together which both of us would remember for a long time.

We used the following products:

A small child painting Lovi Eggs for Easter decoration.
A small child painting Lovi Eggs for Easter decoration.

We painted the egg parts, using Lovi Watercolors before removing them. While the eggs can be painted after assembling them as well, it’s easier to do it while the parts are still attached to their frame, especially with small children.

I gave my daughter free rein when it comes to painting the eggs, and they became wonderful! All the colors in the color palette were used, alongside with a variety of techniques. The approach to using colors was open-minded, and the different hues were born from mixing everything together with joyful abandon. We’ll get to chromatics later.

Painting Lovi Eggs is fun Easter handicrafts with children.

Easter handicrafts with children offer an opportunity for creativity.

Waiting for the paint to dry, we took a small lunch break after which we assembled the eggs together. While small children usually need some help with putting Lovi figures together, they’re more than happy to help with keeping the parts organized and planning where the masterpieces are going to be put on display.

Painted Lovi Eggs 4.5cm, wooden Easter Eggs.
Painted eggs are wonderful Easter decorations and memories.

Natural wood Lovi figures can be painted by everyone, no matter their age! My daughter was two years old when “painting” her first Miffy by Lovi figure. Instead of a brush, she opted for fingers and small pieces of foam as her tools of the trade. As a four-year-old, she was already a seasoned veteran.

Painting Miffy and Balloon by Lovi, wooden bunny figure, is fun Easter handicrafts with children.
Miffy by Lovi figures can be painted and decorated.

These pieces of handicraft are kept as treasures for the upcoming years, and they’re sure to be put on display again in the future each time Easter draws near.  This year, we might be painting some more eggs, or perhaps a small Lovi Rabbit or two.

Colorful, painted Lovi Eggs decorate the Easter home.

Easter handicrafts make for a great way to spend time for children and adults alike. A shared moment of creating things with your hands by the table is not only relaxing and instructive, but also a moment that’s going to be cherished throughout the years to come.  

Have fun painting!