Pick up the Lovi watercolors, dip the brush in the water and start painting. Use pure primary colors or mix the shades slightly. With a wetter brush you can create more translucent surfaces. Reduce water to have a thicker, more opaque paint. Try new colors and techniques.

Watercolors are a great way to paint natural wood Lovi products. These color buttons manufactured by A. Wennström Oy in Finland are long lasting and very rich in pigment. They are also eco-friendly and safe for kids.

There are eight color buttons: 2 x blue (ultramarine and Prussian), 2 x red (cinnabar and carmine), 2 x yellow (cadmium and chrome), white and black.

The watercolors are packed in a plastic-free package, and because the brush is an important part of a successful whole, a good quality brush is slipped in. With this flat brush you can create wider lines as well as small details.

You will also find an illustrated color mixing guide in the package. Combine with natural wood Lovi product and send as an ecological and educational gift. Remember to add “Gift wrapping” in our shop when finishing your order.

Moisten the brush in a drop of water, spin a few turns on the surface of the color button and paint with your favorite colors. Unleash your imagination and create completely new, unique Lovi characters.

Tip: See “COMBINE WITH” and “YOU MAY ALSO LIKE” below to find natural wood color products in our selection.


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Package size / weight:

  • 15cm x 24cm / 95g (9½ x 6 x  ½in / 3oz)


  • 8 basic color buttons rich in pigment
  • high quality flat brush for wide and detailed painting
  • easy and educational color mixing guide from primary colors to basic mixing

Made in Finland. Plastic free. Easy to send postcard-like package.

Shipping costs

Finland and Europe:

  • From 6,90€
  • Free Shipping for orders over 50€

United Kingdom:

  • 8,90€
  • Free Shipping for orders over 50€

Rest of the World

  • 19,90€ or 24,90€
  • Free Shipping for orders over 100€ and 150€

Please note that shipping fees do not cover your customs importing costs for orders outside the EU.

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A. Wennström Oy is the only watercolor factory in Scandinavia. It was founded in Russia in 1922, but moved to Finland in 1931.

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