Flat packed Lovi products are easy to send as gifts.


Receiving a gift, as well as giving one, is always a joy. When a gift is given to the recipient accompanied by a warm hug, both the giver and the recipient feel great pleasure. But there are also those who live elsewhere, unreached by our hugs. Those who we greet and delight with easy-to-send gifts.

Lovi figures have been popular and eco-friendly gifts from the beginning and the space reserved for address information on the back of the packaging makes sending them effortless. The recipient is pleased by the natural and inventive gift, while the sender is drawn to their beauty and sustainability, as well as the ease of sending. An easy-to-send gift makes remembering friends simple.

Easy to send gift is packeg in flat packaking.
All Lovi products are packed in flat, plastic free packages.

The eco-friendliness of a Lovi gift does not end with the materials used or the recyclable packaging; the flat packaging is also ecological to send.


An easy-to-send gift is not only flat and light but also possible to send with stamps. This means you can drop the gift into a postbox, from where its journey continues directly to the recipient’s home address.

The address information lines of Lovi packaging make sending even easier. You do not have to pack the gift separately; just stick the stamps in the corner of the packaging. The envelope symbol in the right upper corner of Lovi packaging tells that the packaging meets the international envelope size guidelines, and the address information lines are found on the back. If there is no stamp, the product is sent as a parcel.


Below are examples of size options and weights of Lovi packaging. All Lovi figures come in recyclable cardboard packaging. The parts of large Lovi Trees and Spruces can be stored in their flat packaging in between uses.

Lovi Decor Star is easy to send as little package.
Lovi Decor Star 48cm in MAXI-package. Assembling is easy with illustrated instructions.

Inside the package, you will find the illustrated assembly instructions of the product and a hanging wire if needed. The individual product images and size and weight information of each package are found at Lovi Online Store at the Details section of their product page.


Lovi products ranging from Minibaubles to the medium-sized Lovi Decor Star come in envelope sized packaging. You can also find the dimensions and weights of the envelope sized packages in the table at the end of this post.

Envelope size Lovi package S

Envelope size package S
Envelope size Lovi package M

Envelope size package M
Envelope size Lovi package L

Envelope size package L
Easey to send gift can also be a little bigger but still envelope sized.
Envelope sized packages L+ and XL


The Original Lovi Bauble sets come in pillow boxes in which you can store the Baubles after assembling.

Small pillow box
Medium pillow box
Large pillow box


An easy-to-send gift can also be a small package. Lovi Spruce 50 cm and Lovi Tree 55 cm come in flat MAXI packaging that are sent as small parcels. Lovi Decor Star 48 cm also comes in MAXI packaging.

New Lovi maxi packages
Lovi Spruce 50cm and Lovi Tree 55cm as well as Lovi Decor Star 48cm are packed in MAXI packages.


Large Lovi Trees and Lovi Spruces come in cardboard packaging in which the parts are easy to store if needed. The sturdy packaging is durable and protects the tree during transport as well. You can also find the dimensions and weights of the tree packages in the table at the end of this post.

The sizes of the tree packaging are: Lovi Spruce 100cm / Lovi Tree 108cm: 58 x 58 x 4cm / 2,5kg, Lovi Spruce 120cm / Lovi Tree 135cm: 75 x 69 x 8cm / 3,5kg, Lovi Spruce 180cm / Lovi Tree 200cm: 105 x 71 x 13cm / 12kg.

Bigger Lovi Tree or Spruce can be easy-to-send gift too.
Large Lovi Spruces and Lovi Trees are packed in sturdy cardboard packaging. The picture shows Lovi Spruce 120 cm with its packaging.


Check below whether the size you selected is sent as a letter or as a package.

Making friends and relatives happy is always topical. So, choose a sustainably produced, inventive, and easy-to-send gift from Lovi Online Store and send greetings to your friend today. The easy-to-send Lovi gifts can be sent directly to the recipient from our little factory, just remember to mention it in your order.