Natural Easter Decorations – Prepare Your Home for Spring Celebration

Natural Easter decorations bring the lightness of spring to homes. Jolly Easter figures, spring light and fresh colors create a happy atmosphere. As winter turns to spring, the sun rises higher and higher, and the bright evenings feel endless, it’s time to start preparing for Easter.


The elements of nature are suitable for every celebration of the year. Preparing your home for the upcoming holiday season makes a nice exception to everyday life. Easter decorations are finding their place little by little. Easter grass is sown, small bunnies appear on the edge of the shelf, Easter branches are decorated, and eggs are painted.

Natural Easter decoration finds its ispiration from nature. Natural wood Easter bunnies by Lovi.

Easter decorations get their inspiration from nature. Animal figures, willow branches, and beautiful dried hay suit the Easter settings. Attaching a wreath made of twigs decorated with Easter-themed details to the door invites Easter and seasonal guests in.

The wooden Easter decorations are perfect for a celebration. Easter products by Lovi, like our other products, are made of Finnish birch plywood. The surface of the wood can be seen through the paint of the beautifully painted products, and the natural wood products bring the natural shade of birch to indoors.


Traditions create a frame for the celebration that varies and evolves over time. Each celebration has its own traditions and decorations.

Spring, birth, new life, and growth are reflected in the stories and figures of Easter. An Easter bunny depicting fertility and Easter roosters laying Easter eggs, which in turn symbolize life and the continuation of life. In all countries, eggs are by no means laid by the bunnies and roosters we in the Nordics are familiar with: the eggs can also be laid by a cuckoo or a fox, for example. Who lays Easter eggs in your home?

Lovi’s most popular, natural Easter decorations are the Lovi Rabbit and the Lovi Rooster. The beautiful figures you can assemble yourself suit the interior of an Easter home. There are several color options, so there is sure to be a suitable variation for every style.

Wooden Easter bunnies by Lovi, natural wood and yellow.
Easter Rooster by Lovi. Wooden rooster decoration, made from Finnish birch plywood. Color bright red.


Fresh colors bring light, freshness and joy to Easter interior and decorations. The little chicks that hatch from eggs delight with their yellow color. Yellow is associated with the sun, joy, and power as well as spring and Easter. In Lovi’s Easter decorations you will find two yellow products: a bright yellow Lovi Rabbit and a warm yellow Lovi Rooster.

The fresh green color of Easter grass, in turn, is full of energy, new growth. Green creates images of freshness, health, and nature. The selection of Lovi Rabbits includes a fresh light green alternative, and the Mini-Birds placed on the branches of the 34 cm high Lovi Tree are painted in the same cheerful shade.

Soft, delicate shades are also introduced to decorate the spring festival. The Lovi Cherry Tree glows with a sweet pink shade that can also be found in the Lovi Rabbits. The little bunny sitting under the branches, sniffing the flowers of the cherry tree in a sweet combination.

Natural Easter Decorations create soft atmosphere. Lovi Cherry Tree and Lovi Rabbit, wooden decorations.

The earthy colors, the different shades of brown and the broken colors create a calm base for the Easter colors. You will also find natural wood options in Lovi’s Easter selection. The light, natural wood decorations are perfect for the Easter decor as is, or you can paint them in your own favorite shades.