Little Lovi Christmas tree 14cm, dark green


The Christmas tree is the heart of the home at Christmas, located in the most beautiful place. Is a Christmas tree precisely what a home needs to be a real Christmas home? The spruce being decorated gathers us all around it and starts the Christmas party. Once the decorations have their place on the branches and the Christmas lights are ready to bring a festive, peaceful light around the tree, it’s time to pause and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere.


The spruce is beautifully included as a theme in Christmas decoration and interior. The yard gets its fair share, spruce vines are hung on pillars and windows and a wreath tied with evergreen sprigs is attached to the front door. Spruce branches spread in front of the doorway, cleaning the snow from the soles of your shoes before going back inside. Greenery brings vitality to dark evenings.

The spruce theme continues indoors. Small spruces on the windowsills and side tables create a cozy and natural atmosphere. The living room is decorated with the most spectacular Christmas tree, maybe even the bedroom gets its own little forest, not forgetting the children’s rooms. After all, those waiting for Christmas should have their own little spruce in their rooms too. A touch of nature and a wonderful scent are brought to the dining table with a few conifer branches with small spruces also being part of the Christmas table setting.


When is the right time to pick up a tree and hang the decorations on its branches? There are so many traditions! Some begin decorating the Christmas tree as early as the end of November, others as soon as the month changes to December, and some as Advent begins. However, there is no real rule when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree. Start when you feel a little longing for festive feeling and beauty in your own home.

A little boy decorating a Christmas tree with small Lovi Baubles.

Some Christmas revelers wait longer, and the Christmas tree only arrives in the home the day before Christmas Eve. This was our tradition in my childhood home. Decorating the tree was like a permit to begin the Christmas celebration. In my own home now, enjoying the Christmas tree starts earlier. I love the atmosphere that it creates around it. However, its decoration only takes place a few days before Christmas Eve. When do you start decorating your spruce?

And what about the decorations then? Does the Christmas tree with its decorations reflect its decorators? Do you always decorate your tree the same or is it a different style every year? I am one of the more traditional decorators. I cherish the old treasures and add new ones when something natural and suitable for the style of the existing decorations pops out. The main thing is to make the spruce look good and fit your own home. Of course, it’s good to go a bit crazy from time to time. Maybe I’ll try something completely new this Christmas!


The selection of Christmas trees is huge! There are small and large, natural and artificial spruce, colorful and white, traditional, modern, plastic, cardboard and wooden. The list is endless and has something for every taste. You can get a spruce from your own forest, buy it from a market vendor or a shop, or make it yourself.

The size of the home often determines the size of the Christmas tree. A small spruce may be enough for somewhere cozy, while something wondrous is needed for a larger home. There are seven sizes in the Lovi Spruce selection: 14cm, 25cm, 30cm, 50cm, 100cm, 120cm and 180cm. What size would fit your home?

Lovi Christmas trees, great and small.


Which, then, would be a better option for your home’s Christmas tree, a traditional, natural spruce or an artificial spruce that can adorn your home year after year? Many are making the comparison this Christmas as well and wondering which option is best.

Natural spruce is a traditional choice. Acquiring a Christmas tree can be a Christmas tradition the whole family participates in. Spruce brings with it a lovely scent of conifer and the shiny, waxy surface of the needles feels lovely on the fingertips when hanging decorations on the branches. On the other hand, natural spruces can provoke allergies and needles falling from the branches cause a different kind of headache.

An artificial Christmas tree is kind of an easy choice. The Christmas tree is always in waiting at home, and you don’t have to waste time finding a new one every year. When you choose an artificial spruce made of natural material, you also don’t support the use of plastic.

Christmas preparations with three Lovi Christmas tree: 25cm, 30cm and 50cm.

Lovi Spruces are natural and anti-allergic Christmas trees with the needle problem solved. The assemblable spruce, made from Finnish birch plywood, brings nature to the Christmas home even if you don’t want to have a real spruce at home. The durable Lovi Spruce is a joy that lasts for decades. When the time comes to put it away, the parts are easy to store in a flat package.


You can extend the use of spruce from the Christmas season to the times after Christmas. The stylized, modern Lovi Spruce is also suitable for winter decoration and should not be dissembled immediately after the Christmas season. Remove the Christmas decorations and replace them with decorations suitable for the winter season, such as Lovi birds. Switch the spruce to another place in the room or move it to a completely different room. Invent new uses for your Lovi Spruce so you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

Have you ever thought about where the Christmas tree tradition originated? Scan the product pages of Lovi Spruces for our collected pieces of Christmas tree history in the DID YOU KNOW -sections of the pages.

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