Lovi Spruce 180cm

Lovi Spruce 180cm, the Christmas tree of a lifetime. Natural material and forms lead your thoughts to snowy forests of the north. Snow scrunches under your shoes and the moon sheds light on the winter landscape. The wind blows calmly atop the spruces. Christmas is coming.

This Lovi Spruce, tall, 3D puzzle -like and made of real wood, is a stunning decoration for your Christmas home. The spruce is assembled from 24 parts and is 105cm in diameter at its widest. The bottom of the spruce is 51cm wide.

Assemble this eye-catcher and Christmas party talking point in your home in the best place for your living room. Hang your favorite decorations on the branches and let Christmas in. Try some Lovi Angels, Lovi Stars or The Original Lovi Baubles 4cm, 6cm and 8cm. Do not pack the Lovi Spruce away right after the holiday season! Place some Lovi Birds 16cm and Lovi Swallows 20cm into its branches to change the atmosphere.

Lovi Spruce 180cm is also a great addition to Christmas decorations in public spaces. The spruce can be assembled on the floor, but our selection also includes a suitable pot for it. The height of the pot is 28cm and the diameter is 66cm. The pot cannot be ordered separately so be sure to order it at the same time as the spruce.

Note the patented structure. All parts cross in the middle of the spruce. All parts are symmetric, so that the weight of a single part is always shared equally across both sides. Because the heaviest parts of the Spruce are placed at the bottom, with more pieces that go on top to add more weight, the Spruce will remain well-balanced. Check the assembly video by clicking the Play-button under the product image and see how the structure tightens itself because of gravity.

Lovi Spruces are made from Finnish birch plywood. Plywood is an ecological and sustainable choice as a product material. The fine 6mm thick birch plywood used in the Spruce 180cm has 7 cross-laminated layers of birch wood. The basic idea of plywood is that the wood grain of each layer lays across the previous one at a 90-degree angle, creating a stronger material. The Spruce, instead of the regular 3 layers of plywood, has 7, which makes the material much more difficult to break. Strong, eco-friendly glue adheres the wood layers together. The glue used meets the strictest environmental requirements.


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Package size / weight:

  • 105 x 71 x 13cm / 12kg (3ft 5in x 2ft 4in x 5in / 26.5lb)

Colors: bright red, dark green, grey, light green, natural wood

Material: Eco-friendly Finnish birch plywood

Hand painted with water based, non-toxic toy paint. Natural wood material is seen through the thin paint layer.

Made in Finland. Plastic free. Easy to send flat package. Illustrated instructions inside the package. Patented. Design: Anne Paso

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Stories say that Martti Luther invented the Christmas tree. On Christmas Eve, he was returning home, walking through a dark forest. As he traveled, he looked up at the night sky and saw the stars twinkle from behind the spruce as if they were hanging on spruce branches. He then took a small spruce home and placed candles on its branches to depict the stars shining in the sky.