Christmas decorations bring with them a warm Christmas atmosphere and memories of Christmases past. The favorite decorations are highlighted year after year and the collection is supplemented with new discoveries. Decoration begins in the yard, continuing inside to the Christmas home. Each room gets its own decorations to keep the atmosphere from room to room.

Lovi’s story started from Christmas decorations, from a small wooden bauble that our designer Anne Paso wanted for her own Christmas tree. The shapes and material of Lovi Christmas Decorations bring us back to our roots, to nature and to Finnish forests. We are happy to be part of a centuries-old Christmas decoration tradition.

Lovi Bauble was the first Lovi Christmas decoration.
The first prototype of Lovi Bauble started Lovi’s Christmas decoration tradition.


Nature has a strong presence at Christmas time in the north. Christmas decorations and their materials are inspired by nature. Christmas is a time for traditions and long-used materials are still in use. Light and beautiful straw, genuine wood, conifers, and cones are all suitable for Christmas decoration. As in the past, small apples or beautiful gingerbread can still be hung on the branches of the Christmas tree too.

Natural materials in Christmas decoration create a peaceful and cozy atmosphere. The straw ornaments, slowly moving with the air, invokes thoughts of the shades of small log houses of the past. The wooden decorations maintain the traditions of old artisan skills, and the materials collected from nature, like people have done for centuries, bring nature close when it is time to celebrate.


Home tabletops are the best platform for Christmas still lives and collections. It’s wonderful to come home to something beautiful waiting on the hallway table. Christmas flowers or candles are perfect for the hallway, snowmen and Santa Clauses peek through the bookshelf in the living room, and a bunch of small spruces can be placed on the windowsills. The mantel, on the other hand, is almost made for little Lovi Elves and offers them a great place to watch over the Christmas preparations. It is important to be nice to each other even during the Christmas rush! However, make sure that the mantel doesn’t get too hot for them.

Christmas decorations brighten the hallway. Lovi Spruces 25cm and Lovi Reindeer on side table.
Natural wood Lovi Spruces 25cm and Grey Lovi Reindeer 12cm on side table.

Remember to also decorate your own desk for Christmas. Whether your desk is at home or the office, a touch of Christmas will help lighten the last weeks of work before Christmas. Should you delight your coworkers with little Christmas surprises too? We have many wonderful gift ideas for you on Lovi Online Store!

Do you have any decorations that have been with you since childhood Christmases? For myself, there are several such decorations. As I think of the angels, I am reminded of the three little angels of our childhood home who had to be treated with great care so that they would not fall and break. One of the angels sings, one plays the violin and one the flute. As a child, I thought they were made of a particularly fragile and expensive material, and therefore valuable. As an adult, I know that this was not the case, but it has not diminished my love for those little angel figures. The memories associated with them are where their value lies. On these days, those little angels are joined by Lovi Angels.


Christmas Eve dinner is often the most festive table setting for Christmas. The nice tablecloth and dishes cover the table, the napkins are folded neatly next to the plates, and the cutlery is laid out. A few beautiful candles complete the picture.

If the table is large enough, the Christmassy still life makes the table setting especially festive. Set the conifers, twigs, candles, and cones to run from end to end or gather a Christmas group on one side of the table. Add a few Lovi Stars on top of the conifers or replace the cones with small Lovi Baubles.

Christmas decorations can be used on table setting too. Lovi Stars, natural wood, as a part of Christmas dinner setting.
Lovi Stars complete the Christmas table setting.

If a still life is not suitable for your table, decorate each seat separately. Add something special to every guest’s place – a spruce or juniper twig on a plate, a gingerbread decorated with their name, or a little Lovi Elf holding a place card – something to make your guest feel special.

Lovi Elf holding a nameplate on Christmas dinner setting.
Lovi Elf holding a nameplate on Christmas dinner setting.


The Christmas decorations and their themes remain somewhat unchanged from year to year. The color of the decorations may change depending on the current trend, but the basic colors of Christmas remain – red, green, gold and silver – the familiar and beloved shades used to decorate the home for Christmas.

Familiar figures are also invited to the Christmas party every year. Santa and his elves, angels, little pigs, and Santa’s reindeer take over homes for Christmas. Elves have been a particularly desirable Christmas decoration in recent years with the rise in popularity of small elf doors and Elf on the Shelf figures.

The reindeer is a symbol of northern nature and Santa’s diligent helper. It’s a great figure for decorating at Christmas time, but also suitable for a winter home, so don’t rush to clean up reindeer-themed decorations after Christmas. Different sizes and colors of Lovi Reindeer form a lovely reindeer herd. The Lovi Angels bring a bright and peaceful message, beautifying the home with reindeer even after the festive season.

Little angels are traditional Christmas decorations. Lovi Angels can be set on tables and shelves or hung on the Christmas tree.
Lovi Angels are available in three sizes (6.5cm, 9.5cm and 13cm) and two colors (natural wood and white).


The magic of Christmas also enchants children and even the small partygoers want their fair share of Christmas decorations. Homes, kindergartens, and schools do a lot of lovely artworks for Christmas and many of these are the best material for decorating children’s rooms.

Their own little Christmas tree is ​​always a favorite Christmas decoration. Kids can decorate the tree just the way they want and place some small Christmas gifts under it for their own toys to have. The small Lovi Spruces are easy to dissemble and store when Christmas is over. The atmospheric Christmas lights or Christmas star in the window lead the little ones safely to sleep. A Lovi Elf sitting on a shelf or at the head of a bed watches over a little one waiting for Christmas sleep.

Lovi package under the Lovi Spruce.
What a wonderful package you can find under the Lovi Spruce.

Or what if you put together your favorite Christmas decorations for a mobile? That would be fun!


Christmas decorations are also wonderful Christmas gifts. The branches of the Christmas tree always have room for small wooden baubles or birds. Lovi Stars and Baubles fit perfectly into the Christmas tree or table setting, and the little Lovi Angel brings joy and Christmas peace. Lovi Reindeer remind you of Santa Claus, snow and northern fells, and small Lovi Elves are easily paired with other decorations.

When the recipient is allowed to assemble the decorations found in the gift package, it is also a nice activity for the evening, when the parts are put into place and the decorations are completed after a little crafting.

Christmas decorations are also the great gifts. Lovi Hearts are easy-to-send.
Lovi Hearts are natural and easy-to-send Christmas presents.

I hope you got some new ideas for decorating your home for Christmas. You can also read our thoughts on decorating the Christmas tree here: Christmas Tree Decorations Complete the Festive Atmosphere.