Christmas tree decorations prepare the Christmas tree for the celebration. Decorations play a significant role in creating the Christmas mood. After all, the spruce and the decorations it carries on its branches quite often are eye-catchers placed in the most central place of the Christmas home – we gather around it to spend the most memorable moments of Christmas together with our loved ones.


The initiators of Lovi’s story are the Christmas tree decorations and, more precisely, the Christmas bauble. Therefore, Christmas decorations are in a special position here at Lovi and stay in our minds all year round. The wooden, prefabricated Christmas bauble, which is made of Finnish wood and which can be made in Finland, was the first idea of our designer Anne Paso when she started developing a new product. Something that could replace plastic decorations.

Christmas Tree Decorations on Anne's hand. Prototypes of Lovi Heart and Bauble
Prototypes of Lovi Heart and Lovi Original Lovi Baubles 4cm and 6cm.


Christmas tree decorations are often a collection of old and new. Traditional ornaments, familiar from childhood, are raised on the branches and new ornaments, which are only at the beginning of their long journey, are added. Do you keep the decorations you made as a child? Those already a little shabby but oh, so beloved ones? I can still find them in my own decoration boxes. Not all of them get into the Christmas decor every year anymore, but there is something so endearing about them so I keep them safe from year to year. A small elf, whose hat is glued slightly obliquely and whose mouth, delicately drawn with a red marker, has almost disappeared over the years, still finds his place against the trunk of a Christmas tree.

What is your personal favorite of the old Christmas tree decorations? What needs to be there before the Christmas tree is ready?


How often are Christmas tree decorations just baubles? Do you hang other figures on the branches as well? We have noticed Lovi Angels visiting the branches of the Christmas trees. After all, they are an integral part of Christmas stories. Likewise, the newest hanging decoration in our selection, Lovi Star, has become increasingly popular year by year. These traditional shapes each belong to Christmas and the Christmas mood.

Christmas Tree Decorations on a little spruce. Lovi Angels hanging from the branch.
Lovi Angels on the branches of small Christmas tree.

The tradition is further reflected in the material of the Lovi Christmas tree decorations, each made of Finnish birch plywood. The soft colors of the decorations also follow the traditional, atmospheric tones. The red products in the range harmonize beautifully with the green branches of the Christmas trees and the natural wood baubles, angels and stars refresh the whole. The white angel brings light with it. The dark green baubles, on the other hand, complement the Christmas look of the natural wood Lovi Spruce, for example.

Christmas Tree Decorations in a plastic free package. Lovi Stars multipacks in three colors: natural wood, bright red and dark blue.
Fold the package into a handy pillow box and use it to store small Lovi Stars


Christmas tree decorations are also the perfect Christmas package or gift for a Christmas visit. Additionally, Lovi’s Christmas decorations give the gift recipient the joy assembling and insight. They are like traditional self-made Christmas tree decorations but updated to this day. You or the recipient of the gift do not have to start from the beginning but get a ready-made package of supplies. With the help of the clear instructions included in the package, you can assemble the product yourself or, if you want to take the art session a little further, you can choose natural wood baubles and paint them exactly the way you want, for example. Maybe each member of the family could paint their own bauble?

The Christmas tree decorations get into the main show of Christmas, by no means in the role of a side actor, but with a Christmas tree, supporting each other. The moments spent together around the Christmas tree are memorable. Who is the decorator of the lower branches? Who reaches out to the highest? Who has been given the gift of ribbon arrangement and who is allowed to raise a star to the top of the Christmas tree this year? We enjoy the atmosphere the decorated Christmas tree spreads around and as our gaze catches the ornament full of memories, we go back to memories of past Christmases for a while. Once the spruce is decorated, Christmas may come.