Natural wood Lovi baubles as wooden cake toppers


You can always find a reason for a party, and especially a cake party! The April, May, and June cakes in Lovi’s Cake of the Month -project have been put together in this post: Easy Cake Decoration Ideas. The cakes for the beginning of the year appear in the post: Wooden Cake Toppers by Lovi.


An appropriately moist and fluffy cake base, mouth-watering fillings, and beautiful decoration. No need for anything else! A beautiful cake always tastes better! Even a cake picked from a freezer for a quick treat or afternoon coffee moment will instantly become more festive with beautiful decorations added on top.

Use natural material as easy cake decoration ideas. Wooden Lovi Baubles will work perfectly.
Summer cakes are decorated with natural materials.

Something surprising is worth trying on top of a cake. What does the birthday boy or girl like or do the wedding couple have common interests whose themes could be used to decorate the cake? The playfulness and the new, surprising ideas make decorating the cake so nice, and the result is sure to be remembered!


The last cake in the Wooden Cake Toppers by Lovi -post was the Easter-themed princess cake decorated with Lovi Roosters.

Wooden Rabbits by Lovi on Easter cake
Lovi Rabbits on an Easter cake with Easter eggs and willow branches.

In April, we continued with the same theme when the Lovi Rabbits found their place on top of the delicious lemon cake.

We chose a yellow and natural wood rabbit to decorate the cheerful yellow cake. In our selection, you will also find light green and light pink little bunnies. The small lemon cake is perfect to offer as a surprise for guests during Easter. With little bunnies, colorful chocolate eggs and willow branches, the cake was instantly upgraded as a fun feature on the coffee table.


In May, we celebrated mothers, grandmothers, bonus mothers and all the invaluable mother characters around us. The Mother’s Day cake was decorated with a Lovi Dragonfly and beautiful flowers. We chose to have a naked cake with a delicious raspberry mousse filling. The light pink raspberry mousse was shown just a little bit underneath a thin layer of icing, perfectly matching the shade of the light pink Lovi Dragonfly.

Lovi Dragonfly and flowers on the Mother's Day cake.
Lovi Dragonfly as a decoration for the Mother’s Day cake.

The Lovi Dragonfly is one of our most popular small products. Its essence is full of lightness and summer, light, sun, and warmth. The shades of the dragonfly record the spectrum of the summer months: light green early summer sprouts, pink newly blown summer inflorescences, a light blue summer sky, a dark blue landscape of the late summer nights, and the light and fresh color of the Finnish birch in the summer landscape. You can also paint the natural wood dragonfly in a color of your choosing.


Midsummer, “Juhannus” as we call this feast of light and nightless night in Finland, was celebrated in June. Birches appear in Finnish midsummer in so many ways. The midsummer birches at the gate to welcome guests, the midsummer wreath tied from flexible, young birch twigs and the carefully selected branches for the birch whisk pamper the shoulders and smell more of summer than anything else in the steam of a midsummer sauna. In our celebration, the birch also decorated the cake as the tasty sandwich cake from Huovisen leipomo got small natural wood birch plywood Lovi Baubles and fresh green blueberry sprouts on it.

Easy cake decoration ideas can be found from nature. Lovi Baubles and blueberry sprouts on the Midsummer cake.
Midsummer cake decorated with Lovi Baubles and blueberry sprouts.

Small Lovi Baubles (3.5cm) and Minibaubles are a perfect choice for the top of a medium-sized cake, but for a larger cake, you should use slightly larger Lovi Baubles (diameter 4cm and 6cm) for decoration. Larger baubles are fitted with a toothpick attached to the bauble joint and thin iron wire is used in the Minibaubles.

You can find the first three cakes of our Cake of the Month -project in the post: Wooden Cake Toppers by Lovi. Be sure to stop by, read and share with us your own summer cakes decorated with Lovi figures! We’d love to see your photos at or follow and tag us on Instagram: @lovi_finland_.

We wish you delicious and beautiful summer moments at every table!