Wooden Lovi Decor Flower, Lovi Dachshund and Lovi Decor Star


Here at Lovi, we took a little vacation around Christmas and New Year. While a small break after the Christmas activities felt quite refreshing, we’re now back at our small Lovi factory at Hallitie, Jääli.

Let’s take a moment to reminisce about the past year and also take a peek at what the upcoming year has in store for us.


The year 2023 was the year of flowers. Lovi Decor Flower, released in February, managed to charm both you and us, becoming the best-selling Lovi product of the entire year. And no wonder, since the Decor Flower makes for a gorgeous, natural-looking ornament, both on a wall or table. A plethora of size- and color options makes it easy to find the right fit for any home. Read more about the Decor Flower from our blog post “Wooden Wall Flower, Lovi’s Spring Novelty!”

Wooden Lovi Decor Flower 48cm, color natural wood. Mount on the wall or use as a table decoration.
Lovi Decor Flower was the number one of the year 2023.

In June, Lovi’s selection of dog figurines received a new member with Lovi Dachshund joining the pack. One of our most asked-for products ever, last year Anne finally found the time to start designing the much-expected dog figurine. All of the four color options have found their respective fanbases, making the dog figurine one of our best-selling products of 2023.

Wooden Lovi Dachshund 12cm, color grey, little dachshund figure, made in Finland
Lovi Dachshund is the newest dog figure in Lovi selection.

Before Christmas, we added a new size option to our selection of Lovi Decor Stars as Lovi Decor Star 15cm joined its larger siblings. It makes for a great wall ornament and a fine decorative piece to a Christmas tree, either hanging from one of its branches or being placed on the top. In addition to the three color options available earlier – natural wood, translucent white and cinnamon brown – the smallest size option is also available in honey yellow.

Wooden Lovi Decor Star 15cm, color honey yellow, Christmas ornament
Lovi Decor Star 15cm, color honey yellow.


Our small factory forms the core of our operations. In 2023 Lovi’s operations were centered at Hallitie, Jääli, and we’ll be continuing with the same setup for the upcoming year. Centralizing the design work, sales, marketing and manufacturing of our products under the same roof makes for smooth operations.

In summer 2023, we opened a small summer shop which we ended up keeping open all the way until Christmas. Now we’ve decided to continue to keep the shop open permanently at Hallitie, Jääli from Monday to Friday between 10–16 and according to agreement. 

We’re also more than happy to organize tours at our factory. So gather up a group of friends or colleagues, or perhaps a hobby group or people from your organization and come visit us here at Lovi. Send a message to Mikko at info@lovi.fi or call 040-7640158 and book a visit!


At the end of 2023, a new movie star was born as Lovi Spruce 120cm featured at Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movie A Heidelberg Holiday! The movie is about an American woman called Heidi who travels to Heidelberg, Germany to sell her hand-made Christmas decorations at a Christmas market. There are definitely a few parallels between the movie and Anne and Lovi’s story. It’s also a great honor for a small company such as us to be featured in a traditional Christmas movie.

Lovi Spruce 120cm in A Heidelberg Holiday Christmas movie.


Between 2009 and 2022, we planted a total of 175 000 trees in various regions around the world suffering from drought, erosion and flooding in collaboration with Finn Church Aid and Eden Forestation Project. In 2023 we made a decision to focus on increasing biodiversity and nature’s ability to recover by protecting old forests through Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation. We’ll have more news on this new, important collaboration later on, so stay tuned!


In 2023 we got to deliver our products to a large group of long-term retailers as well as new vendors from all over the world. Lovi’s greatest export destination countries were Japan, Germany, Netherlands, France and Spain. It’s a privilege to get to work with importers and retailers who value Finnish design and sustainably made products. These types of long-term collaborations benefit all parties involved.

Lovi products, especially Lovi Spruces and Lovi Elves, were also popular as corporate gifts and employee gifts. It’s always nice to give and receive a product that creates a memory. Once again, the fact that our products are environmentally friendly, innovative, sustainable and easy to send played a crucial role in how corporate gifts were chosen last year.

In 2023 we had a few collaborations with both domestic and foreign content providers. These collaborations have provided us with new perspectives regarding our products, allowing us to come into contact with audiences we might not have been able to reach otherwise.

Lovi Decor Flowers on the wall. Picture by Arminka Roth @petitesouriredesign.

Do you have a design-oriented blog or social media channel? Contact Sanna at sanna.valkonen@lovi.fi or call 040-745 5002 so that we might discuss about a possible collaboration.

YEAR 2024

While a new year comes with lots of new things, our core tasks remain the same. This means that we’ll continue to manufacture sustainable Lovi products in our small factory at Jääli.

We believe that sustainably made interior decoration products and gift products are going to maintain their popularity over the course of this year as well. Since there’s always room for improvement, we’re constantly adjusting our operations. We’re also focused on our personal well-being as well as that of our work community. We have a great team here, and we want to take care of its members!

When it comes to the upcoming year, we expect to have lots of new encounters in our daily lives and interaction through social media. We hope that even more people get to know our products and the way we operate and that domestic, sustainably made products continue to generate interest.

We want to thank you once again for being with us in 2023, and you’re more than welcome to keep up with what we’re doing in 2024 as well! And as we all know, time marches on at a relentless pace. While Valentine’s Day might seem like far away in the future, a month goes by in the blink of an eye. And Easter’s not that far off either, even though it might feel so now, right at the beginning of the year and with cold air surrounding us everywhere we go. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!

We wish you all the best for the upcoming year!

With regards,

Anne, Mikko, Meri, Ulle, Oona, Sari and Sanna