Puppy by Lovi figures, wooden dogs, assemble yourself


Museums tell stories. Fascinating stories of past life and existence. They bring to light and tell, describe, and remind. Save and preserve. Create experiences for us. A chance to visit bygone times for a moment.


The significance of museums as preservers of cultural heritage, presenters of fields of art, and recorders of important events in the history of the world is immeasurable.

We need museums so that we would not forget the past. The collections of museums preserve the steps of the development of mankind and the works of the masters of their times, as well as the most interesting current phenomena and brave creators who create new things with an open mind. These creators will serve as reminders of the characteristics of our times to those who come after us. At best, a visit to a museum is a journey to the past or the future, but one way or another, it is always a journey to the fascinating world of humanity.

Wooden Lovi products, sealife figures, trees and flowers.

Nature themes, such as sealife, trees and flowers, can be seen in Lovi products.

We at Lovi are also a part of cultural heritage. Our activities leave a mark. We are a part of a chain that began a long time ago and involved in the history of design with our activities. We uphold Finnish design and craftmanship, as well as the traditions of woodworking, which we develop and advance further.


It is difficult, if not impossible, to visit a museum without seeing what the museum shop has to offer. Museum shops commonly offer a selection of fascinating and inspiring high-quality products that complement the museum or are related to the current exhibitions. The selections often include items from local manufacturers and products made in a sustainable way.

View from the museum shop of the Takamatsu City Museum of Art in Tokyo.
View from the museum shop of the Takamatsu City Museum of Art in Tokyo.

The works of artists and designers enter the shelves of museum shops in the shape of objects and products that fit our everyday life. Literature about the life and works of the artists, beautiful souvenirs, notepads, posters, postcards, and other small items respect the original works and bring art and culture into our homes to be a part of our everyday lives. Their materials and the methods and locations of production speak of the values of our time.

A museum shop with its high-quality products expands a visitor’s overall experience. It is possible to take something concrete with you to remind you of the museum visit. The financial importance of museum shops is also significant to the operation of museums. A large part of the funds that support the operation of museums comes from museums shops.


Museums and museum shops collaborate with different manufacturers. Lovi products as well are included in the selections of many museums around the world. Our products are a great fit to the selections of museum shops. The sustainably made Finnish product, which is built around the innovative joint, with a unique and nicely distinct design, also garners interest abroad. The flat cardboard packaging is easy to put on display and in storage, as well as to send from the online shop. It is also easy to take the flat packaging with you from a museum shop if you are a customer.

Lovi Decor Flower 48cm natural wood, wooden decorative flower. Package and assembled flower.
Lovi products are packed in flat cardboard packaging, Lovi Decor Flower 48cm as an example here.

Through our Spanish importer, Beamalevich, we have had the great honour of being included in the museum shop selections of two respected Spanish museums also through works belonging to their permanent exhibitions. The Prado Museum in Madrid and Guggenheim Bilbao have our designer Anne Paso’s interpretations of two of their main works in their selections.


Jeff Koons, an American artist, created the 13 metres high flower decorated work Puppy, which depicts a puppy of a West Highland terrier, in 1992. It was put up in its current location in the yard of Guggenheim Bilbao in 1997.

Puppy by Jeff Koons decorated with flowers in the yard of Guggenheim museum Bilbao.
Puppy by Jeff Koons decorated with flowers in the yard of Guggenheim Bilbao.

Anne designed the Puppy by Lovi figure in 2015. The little dog is exclusively available at Guggenheim Bilbao’s museum shop. The bright green and red colours of Puppy by Lovi figures take after the abundance of flowers growing on top of the original work. It comes in two sizes: 8 cm and 22 cm.

Puppy by Lovi figures, wooden dog figures sold exclusively in Guggenheim Bilbao museum shop

Puppy by Lovi figurines are exclusively sold in the Guggenheim Bilbao museum shop.


The Prado Museum in Madrid is our other collaboration museum. Diego Velázquez’s Las Meninas is the most famous work in the museum. In this work, Velázquez immortalised princess Margaret surrounded by her ladies-in-waiting. Anne gave the little princess the shape of a Lovi character in 2017. The figure was previously exclusively sold in Prado Museum’s museum shop, but it is now also available in Lovi’s own online shop as well as the selection of some of our retailers.

Menina by Lovi, wooden princess figure inspired by Las Meninas painting
Menina by Lovi and the Las Meninas painting that served as the basis for the design


In March 2022, we began the Söpö Museo tour, which goes around Japan presenting young Nordic design, together with our Japanese importer Arco Design. The tour has been going on for over a year and it has taken Anne and the Lovi products to 10 localities in Japan, and more is to follow.

Exhibition posters of the Söpö museum tour

Exhibition posters of the Söpö museum tour.

We are also a part of the Finnish Lifestyle Design Illuminates Everyday Life exhibition at Tokyo’s Takamatsu City Museum of Art. The works of great Finnish designers such as Alvar and Aino Aalto, Ilmari Tapiovaara, Oiva Toikka, and Saara Hopea are featured in the exhibition, and Anne and the Lovi figures are included as well. For the next two years, the exhibition will tour five Japanese cities and present Finnish design. It is great to be on board!

Views from the exhibition at the Takamatsu City Museum in Tokyo
Views from the exhibition at the Takamatsu City Museum in Tokyo.


The International Museum Day is celebrated each year on 18th May. On that day, countless museums around the world offer an opportunity to get acquainted with their operation, and they also organise other interesting activities. The Night of the Museums event is organised on the Saturday closest to the International Museum Day. This year, the date is Saturday 20th May 2023. Many museums are open on that day until late in the evening and offer special experiences to visitors. Check the schedules of the museums in your local area and get to know the fascinating world of museums!