Lovi team at Lovi factory


Here we are again! The entire Lovi team has returned to the factory after the holidays. It’s wonderful to see dear colleagues and sit down to exchange news. We are so lucky to have a team with whom the work goes smoothly and in a good mood.


Our thoughts about the favorites of summer 2023 seemed to hit the spot. The lovely spring novelty, Lovi Decor Flower, Lovi Dachshund, released at the beginning of the summer, and the products of the sealife series interested the most this summer.

We launched the Decor Flower in four sizes and eight colors, and all variants have found their own user base. The most wanted colors of the summer were light pink and natural wood, as well as flax blue and lavender. Now, as summer slowly turns towards autumn, honey yellow and cinnamon brown, as well as dark red, seem to emerge more.

Lovi Decor Flowers on the wall and on table, sizes 48cm (natural wood), 34cm (light pink) and 24cm (dark red).
Lovi Decor Flowers natural wood, light pink and dark red.

Lovi Dachshund has charmed us all. The sweet, little wooden dog has clearly been an expected figure. You are sure to find your favorite among the five color options, and you can also paint the natural wood Lovi Dachshund with the color of your choice or cover it with the patterns of your favorite dachshund. Make a fun mix and match by exchanging the ears of different colored dogs with each other or by painting the ears of a natural wood dog with your own favorite shades.

Mix and Match the ears of two different colored Lovi Dachshunds.

Sea, beach, and water elements belong to summer. The products of the Lovi sealife series, penguins, jellyfish, dolphins, sea turtles and seahorses, were credit products this summer as well. The cheerful figures, inventive design and fresh colors are suitable for the summer home, and also as gifts for summer parties.


Did you know that all Lovi products are manufactured in Lovi’s own little factory in Jääli in Northern Finland? Our own, responsible production is one of the most important things in our operations. When we manufacture our products ourselves, we can be sure that the products are manufactured in a high-quality and sustainable manner.

All Lovi figures are made in Lovi’s own little factory.

We are lucky to work with a familiar, professional team. All functions from design to manufacturing and from marketing to sales operate at the same address. We also know our material suppliers, as we have shared a common path with several of them for years, with the oldest partners from the beginning.

Our small summer store at the Lovi factory is still open and we made the decision to extend the store’s opening into autumn as well. So welcome to get to know Lovi products and make purchases directly from the factory on Mon-Fri from 10 am to 4 pm at Hallitie 3, Jääli. If you cannot visit during normal opening hours, call +358 40 745 5002 or send a message to info@lovi.fi, and we will arrange a time that suits you. Also, be in touch if you want to come and get to know our operations and our factory with a group of colleagues or friends. We are happy to organize a small introductory tour.


Autumn always brings something new. We hope to be able to present our plans to you soon.

This autumn, we will be highlighting our animal figures and Lovi Spruces, from a small 14cm high wooden decoration to a 180cm high, magnificent spruce. We want to encourage you to add Lovi Spruces to your home decor already in the autumn season. Especially the natural wood Lovi Spruces are a beautiful addition to the autumn home. If you need color for the branches, assemble some Lovi Birds and, as Christmas approaches, Lovi Baubles or Stars.

Lovi Decor Flowers, Spruces and small wooden animal figures in autumn shades.

It will be interesting to see which products will become favorites in autumn 2023. Last autumn’s novelty, Lovi Decor Star will certainly charm again as Christmas approaches, but we believe that Lovi Decor Flower will continue to be one of the favorite products well into the autumn.

Lovi Decor Star 24cm cinnamon brown.

We spend the autumn closely at the factory preparing for the Christmas season, so we will miss the fair events this year. That’s why it’s especially important for us to get feedback and have conversations by phone +358 40 745 5002, on social media, @lovi_finland_ on Instagram and @LoviFinland on Facebook and by email info@lovi.fi. Also, come and visit our factory in Jääli, where our new store is open on Mon-Fri from 10 am to 4 pm. Please let us know if something comes to mind! You can also find Lovi Factory Shop in the center of Oulu, under the roof of Taito Shop Oulu at Rautatienkatu 11b.


During the summer, we packed and sent a lot of online store orders around the world. Thank you so much for each of them! Every order is important and necessary for us. Online store orders are delivered quickly. We aim to ship the order from our factory on the day of the order or the next business day. Online store orders arriving at the weekend are sent on Monday. If you have any questions about your order, please contact us.

Lovi Team back at factory.

Lovi’s autumn 2023 will bring something new, keep a lot of the good old and continue our joyful work with the wooden creations from the Forests of Finland. The blog will continue to talk about the values important to us, the newsletter will be sent to the subscribers’ inboxes a few times a month, and on social media we will update news from the factory and make Lovi products more familiar. Nice to have you along!

With sunny autumn regards,

Sanna, Ulle, Meri, Ansku, Mikko, Anne, Sari and Oona