Moomin characters on the Moomin books by Tove Jansson


The Moomin characters are with us since the beginning. They are everywhere. We shake off the sleep in the morning by sipping the steaming coffee from a Moomin-themed mug. We write the important events of our lives on a calendar covered with beautifully drawn images by the residents of the Moomin Valley. And as the day turns into evening, we cover our children with Moomin-patterned sheets, sending them to dream of small pink clouds and big adventures.

Moomin characters by Lovi, Moominpappa and Hattifatteners.

And it’s not just about the concrete appearance of the Moomins in our daily lives. It is more about what the Moomin characters and the stories about them have offered us, what we have saved about the stories in our hearts. The philosophy of Moomins, the multi-layered themes of the stories, and the insightful utterances of the characters go with us in a very natural way, as part of ourselves.


As we grow, the Moomin characters grow with us. Surprisingly, there is always something completely new to discover, new perspectives and new topics of thinking in such familiar stories. The sentence that was ignored yesterday is full of meaning today. Suddenly there is something different about a character you thought you knew, a side you hadn’t seen before at all.

Moomin characters on the pages of Moomin books by Tove Jansson.

Moomin stories are great entertainment for the smaller audience in the family, but a more mature reader can also easily immerse themselves in the stories. It is especially pleasing for us who grew up with the Moomins to return to the atmosphere of the Moomin Valley and introduce the Moomins to the next enthusiastic listeners as well. Admittedly, a little censorship must be done sometimes. When my three-year-old is listening by my side, taking the first steps in the Moomin world, the wildest twists and turns of the stories need to be softened a bit. They’ll get to hear the most exciting parts just a little bit later.


The Moomin characters created by Tove Jansson are a very sociable group. They love to spend time together, enjoy a meal around the same table and explore nature together. If nothing happens, it is best to organize the activity yourself. A little sea adventure or a happy party always brightens the mood. Moomins enjoy the little things in life. The freshness of a new morning, the most beautiful flower of the meadow, and the last rays of a beautiful sunset fading behind the hills. Often the smallest can be the biggest when you really focus on looking.

Everyone is welcome in the Moomin House. The door of the blue, high and round house is always open, and there is a chair by the table for those who need it. Moominmamma conjures up treats on the table, as everyone loves her pancakes, and Moominpappa is happy to immerse himself in conversations with guests. Sometimes, however, Moomins, like many of us, feel the need to be alone and to hear their own thoughts.


Moomin stories are often about courage and wit. The courage to explore something new and take the next step even if you don’t necessarily know where your paw would be best placed next. The choice may not always be the right one on a first try, but how little that matters in the end. The Moomins do find a way to cope with even the tough situations.

The atmosphere of the stories is calm, gentle, and accepting. The difference is by no means anything special, as the Moomin Valley has been inhabited by a variegated group of characters of different looks, sizes, and colors. Communality and kindness come to the fore on the pages of the books. Everyone is allowed to come along.


Moomin characters and the Moominous way of life have followed our designer Anne Paso from childhood to adulthood. Tove Jansson’s enchanting way of telling stories, describing events, and illustrating what has been written inspired her to create Lovi’s Moomin family: Moomintroll, Moominmamma, Moominpappa, Snorkmaiden, Little My, Snufkin, and Hattifatteners. All Moomin characters by Lovi are designed based on the original illustrations of Tove Jansson.

Moomin characters by Lovi. Wooden, assemblably Moomin figures. Little My, Moominpappa, Moominmamma, Snufkin, Moomintroll, Snorkmaiden and Hattifatteners

Lovi Moomins are thoroughly Finnish. They are inspired by the wonderful world of Finnish fairy tales and made from eco-friendly Finnish birch plywood in our own small factory in Jääli. The shape of Lovi Moomin characters slowly forms as the parts settle into their places. Every creature respects its role model. Their essence is full of traditional Moomin-like, but at the same time they are also easily identifiable as Moomin characters by Lovi.

It is impossible to get enough of Moomin characters. It’s easy and homely to return to the world of the books over and over again. The plot twists of the stories and the lovely creatures of the Moomin Valley capture their company time and time again. From the lines of the books, we can pick up Moominous wisdom and attitude of our own. The Moomins have really stolen our hearts.