Corporate Gifts from Lovi


Corporate gifts come to mind as Christmas approaches. Remembering and thanking partners, customers and your own staff for the past year becomes topical. Corporate gifts express contentment with the work done together and send a wish for continued cooperation.

Giving gifts is an old and common custom in the corporate world. The customs around giving gifts vary from country to country, so learn about the formal traditions of the home country of your customers before giving the gift.

Lovi Spruce 25cm dark green is an eco-friendly corporate gift.
Lovi Spruce 25cm is a lovely corporate gift in easy-to-send -package.


What kind of corporate image do you give with the gift? What values ​​do you want to convey and support? A business gift looks like its giver and brings a message about what the giver considers important. An interesting, even slightly unusual gift arouses interest and increases its meaning. The value of a gift is enhanced by the fact that the giver of the gift has made the effort when choosing it.

The manufacturer of corporate gifts is also important. Who you buy corporate gifts from also tells about you and your company. Small businesses often offer unique and memorable products with interesting stories that add value to the gift.

Eco-friendly corporate gifts are still seen as good and valuable choices. Investigate companies that offer corporate gifts and choose an operator who knows the production chain and makes their products themselves.


The same gift may not be for everyone. Be sure to think of the recipient of the gift. What is he or she like? What things are close to his/her heart? What is his/her position in the company he/she represents? Are you sending a gift to a specific person or to a company? It’s easier to make the right choice of business gift when you know the recipient, so a little detective work is worth it.

The durable, year-round gifts also act as reminders of the gift giver outside the festive season. If the gift is strongly seasonal, the sender of the gift will come to the mind of the recipient when the use of the product becomes relevant again.


When surveying corporate gifts, you should put eco-friendly alternatives on the list. Products whose production chain is in a good condition and whose life cycle has been thought through from start to finish. Gifts made from renewable materials, recyclable, if necessary, warm the recipient’s mind.

Finnish birch plywood is a great material for eco-friendly corporate gifts.
Lovi products are made from eco-friendly Finnish birch plywood in Lovi’s own little factory in Jääli Northern Finland.

When corporate gifts are made in Finland, using only Finnish material, and the products are packed in plastic-free cardboard packaging, one can be sure that the gifts are extremely friendly for the environment.


When customers and partners are far away, even in other countries, it is not always possible to hand out corporate gifts in person. Then you must consider the ease of sending the gift.

Corporate gifts must be easy to send like Lovi Stars
Lovi Stars in flat, plastic-free packages.

The gift should also endure transportation and time, so food gifts are therefore not the best option. Flat gifts, even sent in postcard-like packages, make deliveries easier. When gifts are sent in large quantities, clever delivery speeds up and simplifies work.

Read more about flat, sustainable gifts and find the dimensions and weights of Lovi packages on our Easy-to-send gift from Lovi -post.


A Christmas card doesn’t replace a gift, but if sending a gift feels like too much of a gesture, you can also send a Christmas card. When a Christmas card has a special idea and is a little more than a regular cardboard card, the sender will be remembered by the recipient. A small Lovi Elf on the office shelf or a group of Lovi Spruces in a partner coffee room is a wonderful Christmas surprise.

Lovi Elves are an easy-to-send corporate gift / Christmas card
Lovi Elves in three colors.

Lovi’s envelope-sized products are just the right choice in a situation where a regular Christmas card is not enough, but a larger gift is not needed. The other side of the flat package resembles the address field of a postcard, so sending is easy. The card travels with the mail effortlessly straight to the recipient’s mailbox and is sure to be remembered.


Sometimes a gift sent out of the gift season may work better. Choose gifts that are easy to store, even in a small space, and take advantage of your stock when the time comes to give a gift.

Good corporate gifts have a long-lasting theme and are pleasing to a wide range of audiences. Often, nature-themed products made from natural materials are suitable gifts for many.

Choose a corporate gift that brings joy around the year.
Lovi Spruce 30cm with minibaubles looks nice also with Lovi Minibirds.

In Lovi’s selection, you will find products that are suitable for different times of the year. Choose the Lovi Spruce as a Christmas present, send small Lovi Birds to sit on the branches of the spruce in the spring, and as the next Christmas is near, send the Lovi Baubles or other Ornaments which fit the selected spruce. This way, the products are sure to be used and at the same time you solve several business gift purchases at once.


“The customer is king, but the staff are more.” Knowledgeable, happy, and enthusiastic staff is a resource that every company should hold on to. Staff gifts show appreciation and praise for a job well done.


Lovi products delight both the recipient and the sender of the gift. Eco-friendly gifts made by a small family business are easy to send. The smallest, flat, and plastic-free packages of the range travel with the mail in envelope-sized packages. In addition, the fact that it can be assembled is a pleasant surprise and raises the value of the gift. A gift becomes more personal and important when the recipient gets to assemble their gift themselves.

When corporate gifts are selected from Lovi’s selection early enough, it is possible to customize the packaging to meet the needs of the customer company, for example, to add the company logo to the packaging. If you have something unique in mind, please contact

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