Design from Finland logo with Lovi Trees


The “Design from Finland” mark is familiar and recognizable proof of Finnish design. When you see the text “Design from Finland” on the product or packaging inside a blue or black logo, you know that you are dealing with a product professionally and responsibly designed in Finland. In addition, the mark showcases the importance of design in the value creation of the company’s products.

Design from Finland -logo is the blue or black circle with the white Design from Finland text

For a company to receive the “Design from Finland” mark, the company’s head office must be located in Finland and the structure of the production chain and the country where the products are manufactured must be communicated openly. The right to use the mark is decided by the Design from Finland mark committee, which consists of Finnish design and engineering experts, universities providing education in the field, key ministries, the business community and consumers. The required prerequisites for the right to use the mark must be inspected annually.

To obtain the right to use the “Design from Finland” mark, a company must invest in design and be able to verify the benefits of design investments for the product’s competitiveness and differentiation, business and responsibility. Design must be firmly embedded in the company’s operations.


Finnish design is often a sign of quality and responsibility. Companies whose products carry the “Design from Finland” mark and “Key Flag” symbol are proven to be responsible entities and want to be involved in producing high-quality and sustainable products.

Design from Finland - Shapes from the Nature. These Lovi trees and spruces represent Finnish design at its best.
Lovi Trees and Spruces represent Finnish design at its best.

The roots of Finnish design run deep. The products are long lasting and high quality, aging with dignity. In Finnish design, knowledge of the material and the ability to make by hand are often combined with knowledge of industrial design. Although Finnish design is often perceived as minimalist, straightforward and simplistic, joy, playfulness and humor are also present.

The nature connection of Finnish design is strong. The materials used are natural and the design is based on knowledge of the material and its natural behavior.


Our own designer, Anne Paso, the founder and creative director of Lovi, is responsible for designing Lovi products. Life in the north, surrounded by beautiful nature, nurtures creativity and brings its own spice into the design. Nature, natural material, and its endless possibilities can be seen and felt in Lovi products.

Wooden Lovi Hedgehogs on the sketch book. Finnish design often finds its topics from the nature.
Lovi Hedgehogs are the spring novelty 2022.

Design is based on Finnish birch plywood and its inherent properties. One of the ideas leading to the founding of Lovi was to show that it is possible and worthwhile to design and make interior decoration and gift items from Finnish birch material in Finland. From the very beginning of her career, Anne has also wanted to highlight the importance of design in the company’s business. Design matters!

Design is also based on the assemblability of the products. Products packaged in flat, plastic-free packaging are easy to send and assembly provides a relaxing activity for the recipient. All products are built around the same, patented joint piece by piece and the final shape is revealed when all the parts are in place.

Design from Finland mark is a proof of Finnish, inventive and responsible design.
Finnish birch plywood is the material of all Lovi products.

Naturalness and ecology are always involved in our design. Renewal is essential to keep material waste to a minimum, the circulation of materials to work and our products and our operations to be environmentally sustainable. And renewal requires quality design and careful planning.

The “Design from Finland” mark and its meaning are well-known in Finland. Through the mark, we can communicate the origin of our products to our customers in Finland and around the world. In addition to the “Design from Finland” mark, we also use the “Key Flag” symbol, which means that the production of Lovi products takes place in Finland, in Lovi’s own little factory in Jääli, Northern Ostrobothnia.

Lovi products are designed and manufactured with pride in Finland, to bring a small piece of nature into homes, offices, and public spaces. Lovi figures bring naturalness and joy to the whole world, even the smallest details matter!