Wooden Creations from the Forests of Finland

Assemble your own Lovi figure or send as an eco-friendly gift to a loved one.

Proudly manufactured in Lovi's own little factory in Jääli, Northern Finland.

We use Finnish wood from forests that are always re-planted, and Lovi consumer packages are plastic free.

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Lovi Story

"In the beginning, there was only a wooden stick, and the designer’s problematic relationship with plastic as a material.

I wanted to create a wooden bauble for Christmas trees as an alternative to plastic ones in 2001. The very first version was a stick with veneer pieces glued to it. I quickly realized that it should be like a 3D puzzle, so the receiver would be the one to have the satisfaction of putting it together.

A new type of joint made the idea realistic as the pieces were easy to slot together. The package was then given a postcard-like label and the product was ready. The very first Lovi Baubles were sent as flat packed season’s greetings in 2003.

Inspired by the reception and possibilities I saw in the patented structure, I created a whole range of creatures for the wooden world of Lovi. After all these years I still love finding solutions and designing timeless beauty that carries unforgettable moments in people´s lives."

Anne Paso
Founder, Creative Director

Eco-friendly gifts

Eco-friendly gifts that are easy to send. Gifts that make the recipients smile. Gifts that are remembered. A package full of warmth, nature and sustainable design. You will find small surprises and bigger gifts in our online shop.

We made it easy for you. Choose “Send as a Gift!” in our online shop and we wrap and send the gift, completed with your greetings. Just remember to give us the right delivery address.

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Eco-friendly gifts

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"I had been hoping to invite Lovi for my future home when we would build it. Now my dream came true. We are very happy to have Lovi for our first Christmas in our new house.

Christmas presents are placed under lovi tree on the Christmas Day for our five children, I want this to be our own family tradition.

I assembled Lovi Christmas tree with my 6-year-old daughter and decorated ornaments with her and my 2-year-old son. We, our family, are looking forward to Christmas."

Yuka Suzuki
Ebina, Japan

"I fell in love with Lovi's products mainly for two reasons: 1) The products are Finnish and emphasize the best features of Finnish nature (the wooden material) and traditions (local figures) and 2) putting the puzzles together makes the figures personal and interactive. Building the puzzle is both fun and meditative!

For my newborn son, I was set to find a sea-themed mobile. When I saw Lovi's mint green jellyfishes, I was sold. The mobile feels very special because I have put it together with my own hands."

Elisabeth Rundlöf
Helsinki, Finland

”We're so in love with our Lovi Jellyfishes! Not only because they are beautiful, eco-friendly and have a great design, also they give us the fantasy touch we were looking for in our bedroom. ”

Agnès Andreu

"Lovi gave the Moomins a new shape: the natural materials and simplistic design fit really well to what the Moomins represent. A great match! As huge Moomin fans we of course adore the moominous figurines! Thank you Lovi!"

Anne R. & Klaus P.

"The first time I saw your creations on Instagram I've got fascinated by the easiness to assemble them, and last but not least by the powerful bio natural concept behind. When then I met Miffy with a ball it was a refreshing appearance in these strange times we're living in, and I was very happy to get the chance to dress her my creativity."

Stefania Berardi
Bagnacavallo, Italy

”I absolutely love Lovi products, they are so beautiful and it’s such a creative idea! It’s also a fun project to assemble! I have several pieces myself and I take every opportunity to give as presents to my family and friends, it’s the perfect gift”

Elin Sarapik
Aviles, Spain

"Lovi-tuotteet on mielestäni kekseliäitä ja kauniisti toteutettuja. Kotimaisuus on minulle tärkeää ja on mukavaa, kun tuotteet saa itse kasata. Olen saanut kyläilijöiltä ihasteluita Lovi-chihuahuoiden kauneudesta."

Elina Huttunen
Vantaa, Finland

"I love Lovi, so I have been collecting Lovi products little by little for several years. Lovi products are not only for Christmas season. All Lovi products are wonderful and they are suitable for interior decoration as well.

I will keep on loving Lovi for following years!"

Ai Harima
Hokkaido, Japan

”Meidän kodin sisustukseen on kuulunut lovin puut ympäri vuoden jo pitkään eikä niihin tunnu kyllästyvän.

Puut ovat ihanan monikäyttöisiä kun juhlan tai vuoden ajan mukaan voi vaihtaa koristeet tai antaa olla ilman. Kaiken muun hyvän lisäksi tulee suomalainen suunnittelu ja tuote. ”

Anne Pirttikoski
Ylikiiminki, Finland

”The beautiful wooden creations from Lovi are perfect for my nordic inspired home. I love that they are made 100% in Finland from eco-friendly wood. The assembly is lots of fun and the make cute gifts.”

Michele Brand
Mackenbach, Germany
@julis_home Germany


Protecting nature

Wood is one of the nature's finest and most versatile renewable materials. Trees take care of us by taking carbon and releasing oxygen into the air. At the same time, they help to prevent global warming. Trees provide home for many species. They are crucial for biodiversity.

In Finnish forests, tree species thrive with each other. Birch and spruce are a good example of this. As the birch grows to its full size, there are already new spruce trees at its root at a good growth rate. In Finland, forests are always replanted after felling. Currently, northern forests are growing faster than they are used. Lovi products are made from eco-friendly Finnish birch plywood.

It is also important to be involved in solving the problem of plastic in the seas. We want to avoid unnecessary use of plastic. Since 2017, our consumer packaging has been plastic-free.

We donate part of our income to re-planting schemes in areas of the world affected by drought, erosion and floods. 115,000 trees planted since 2009!

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